College of Business/BNSF Foundation Leadership Program and Scholarship

The BNSF Foundation Leadership Endowment shall be used for the benefit of the College of Business. Scholarships shall be awarded to freshmen and sophomore College of Business students who are interested in business leadership and eventually enrolling in the Gooslby Leadership Academy.
Goolsby Leadership Academy Early Leader Program
To be considered, the student should:
Be a business-intended freshman with less than 30 hours toward a degree
Preference will be given to SAT scores (Reading and Math) of 1150 or a score of 23 on the ACT
For current EL student with good standing (3.1 GPA and fulfillment of ELP requirements) and wants to progress into the second year of the program.
For current UTA student or transfer student with 30 hours and 3.1 GPA who wants to apply for the ELP sophomore year.

College of Business - BNSF Early Leadership, College of Business - Dean
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please Provide a brief essay response to the question: Why are you applying to the BNSF Early Leader Program of the Goolsby Leadership Academy? (Please limit your response to 500 words)
    • Essay Question
    • I agree to maintain full time enrollment status in the forthcoming Spring semester and subsequent semesters, If i accept the BNSF Early Leader Schlarship. I also agree that if I fail to maintain full time enrollment status I will repay the scholarship
    • I understand that the attendance to all Early Leader Activities is mandatory; failure to attend will result in the loss of the scholarship.