Dean's Leadership Circle Scholarship

College of Business – The Dean’s Leadership Scholarship is awarded to high achieving, Fall 2024 entering freshmen who are admitted to the University of Texas at Arlington College of Business to pursue a business degree. This is a competitive scholarship with limited funding that will be awarded to a select number of eligible applicants. Scholarship funds may be used towards the payment of tuition only (not applicable to fees, insurance, etc.). Entering freshmen with other scholarships and waivers are eligible provided their total award does not exceed $5,500 annually. An in-state tuition waiver is NOT included with this scholarship. Minimum qualifications: Newly admitted, high achieving freshmen who are currently pursuing a business major at UTA. Must enroll in at least twelve credit hours at UTA (full-time enrollment) each fall and spring. To maintain the renewable scholarship award, recipients must successfully complete full-time enrollment (at least twelve credit hours at UTA) each fall and spring, and maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 at all times.

Varies, up to $5,000 annually
College of Business - Dean, College of Business - Undergrad
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you an entering freshman?
  2. When is your first semester at UTA?
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation from a teacher or organization sponsor who can attest to your leadership ability and/or impact.
  4. Submit a resume highlighting areas of excellence in academics, engagement and leadership.
  5. List of all AP, IB or Dual Credit courses completed in your sophomore, junior and senior year(s) of high school. Indicate year (SO, JR, SR), Subject, Type (AP, IB, DC) and Grade Earned.
  6. Describe your involvement in voluneerism or community service. What is the name of the organization or project? Why did you become involved and during what time frame?
  7. Describe your leadership in extracurricular activities and/or work experience. Did you receive any awards? How did your leadership make an impact on a person, process, procedure, etc.?
  8. Describe a specific experience that has shaped who you are today. What was the experience? Did it require you to overcome an obstacle or take initative? Did it create a new opportunity in which you had to reevaluate a goal, direction or plan? How are you different as a result of this experience?
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