John Edward Thurman III Memorial Scholarship in Business

College of Business – Undergraduate Scholarship.

Requirements: Full-time enrollment, continuing undergraduate student (must be at least sophomore), record of academic achievement and/or potential.

College of Business - Dean, College of Business - Undergrad
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit a resume highlighting excellence in academics, engagement, and leadership.
  2. List membership and involvement in extracurricular activities such as student organizations, honor societies, intercollegiate sports, other professional or community organizations, and/ or work experience.
  3. Describe your involvement in voluneerism or community service. What is the name of the organization or project? Why did you become involved and during what time frame?
  4. Do you think your current GPA is a good representation of your academic ability? Please explain.
  5. Submit a resume highlighting areas of excellence in academics, engagement and leadership.
  6. Submit recommendation letter from a teacher/faculty member.
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