EES graduate student travel fund

For EES graduate students to present at conferences

College of Science - Earth and Environmental Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Graduate student travel
    • Are you a MS or PhD student in EES?
    • Attach your CV or resume
    • Have you applied UTA graduate student travel fund at
    • have you asked your thesis/dissertation advisor to send a letter of recommendation detailing your research progress to
    • Have you filled up the graduate travel request with Mrs. Panther or Ms. Naranjo?
    • Have you passed the comprehensive exam or proposal defense?
    • Have you published as a first author or coauthor before? if so, please provide the reference(s)
    • Have you submitted an abstract to the meeting/conference you are going? if so, please paste here
    • what is the name and location of the meeting you are doing?
    • What is you accumulative GPA in the graduate program at EES?
    • Which program are you in?
    • Which semester and year did you start the graduate education in EES?
    • Who is your thesis/dissertation advisor?
    • Will you present research at the meeting/conference?
    • Will you use the grant to travel to the meeting/conference?