College of Business/Albert S. Jr. and Allee H. Lewie Undergraduate Scholarship

College of Business – Undergraduate Scholarship.

The Albert S. and Allee H. Lewie, Jr. Scholarship Fund was established by Albert “Sid” Lewie and his wife Scoot to recognize and reward deserving and academically promising College of Business students.

Requirements: Must be a College of Business continuing undergraduate student with demonstrated academic achievement. Financial need will also be given consideration.

College of Business - Dean, College of Business - Undergrad
Supplemental Questions
  1. Marital Status
  2. Describe special circumstances affecting your family’s ability to fund your college expenses (response required):
  3. Please list all scholarship offers you have received for the 2024-25 academic year. Include the scholarship name, award duration, and how much is awarded each year.
  4. Please list any additional scholarships you have applied for at the University of Texas at Arlington.
  5. Please upload a recent Resume/Vita
  6. Please provide two reference letters that incllude the name, email address, phone number and role of the provider. They must be from non-family members, such as educators, mentors, supervisors, and/or community leaders with significant knowledge of the candidate's academic achievements and/or community involvement.
    • Reference Letter #1
    • Reference Letter #2
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