College of Business/John Merrill Endowment

College of Business – Graduate Scholarship (Masters)

Requirements: Intended for College of Business students admitted to the Master’s program in Fall 2024.

Established by John Merrill. John attended UT Arlington in the 1970’s but a career opportunity in Houston compelled him to leave before completing his last class to meet his degree requirements. In 2011 John completed the last remaining course to earn his UT Arlington degree 40 years after he left. He is a proud UT Arlington graduate.

College of Business - Dean
Supplemental Questions
  1. Will you enroll for two consecutive semesters with a minimum of 6 hours of enrollment?
  2. Please write a personal statement explaining how your educational background has specifically impacted your life. This is to be written in your own words. Use of an AI tool or app will be reported to UTA Student Conduct and you will not be considered for the scholarship. (250 words or less)
  3. What do you aspire to do with this business degree? (max. 250 words)
  4. Submit a resume highlighting excellence in academics, engagement, and leadership.
  5. Please provide two reference letters that incllude the name, email address, phone number and role of the provider. They must be from non-family members, such as educators, mentors, supervisors, and/or community leaders with significant knowledge of the candidate's academic achievements and/or community involvement.
    • Reference Letter #1
    • Reference Letter #2