Mahmalji Scholarship

College of Business – Undergraduate Scholarship for new transfer students and incoming Freshman.

Requirements: For College of Business undergraduate students (new transfers and incoming Freshman), who can, speak, read and write Arabic and who received all or part of their preparatory education in the Levant.

College of Business - Dean, College of Business - Undergrad
Supplemental Questions
  1. Did you receive all or part of your preparatory education in the Levant
  2. Where in the Levant (country)?
  3. Can you speak, read and write Arabic?
  4. Describe your leadership in extracurricular activities and/or work experience. Did you receive any awards? How did your leadership make an impact on a person, process, procedure, etc.?
  5. Describe your involvement in voluneerism or community service. What is the name of the organization or project? Why did you become involved and during what time frame?
  6. In approximately 400 words, tell us your story. What unique opportunities or challenges have you experienced through your high school career and/or early college career that have shaped who you are today?
  7. Submit two Letters of Recommendation
    • Letter #1
    • Letter #2
  8. Please upload a recent Resume/Vita
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