Roy B. McDonald Endowed Scholarship

College of Business – Undergraduate Scholarship for new transfer students.

Requirements: Intended for new transfer, undergraduate students in the College of Business.

Established by Janna McDonald in memory of her high school sweetheart and beloved husband of forty-eight years. Roy was born in 1939 in Hunt County, Texas, to sharecroppers who had three sons. After WWII his dad decided to make a career in the Army, so the family moved frequently, and Roy went to many schools, graduating high school in Mineral Wells, Texas, where he met his wife-to-be. After his discharge from the US Army in 1965, Roy, his wife, and their baby daughter came to Texas to Arlington. Roy’s goals was to complete his BBA with the business night classes at Arlington College, while working full time during the day. He found an entry level job at Texstar Plastics in March, was promoted, and was encouraged and supported when he enrolled at Arlington College in the fall of 1965. Eight years later, May 1973, after a bough with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, three more children, and other promotions, Roy was a BBA graduate of UT Arlington. Roy later left Texstar to become President of IMI, then in 1984 started R&D Plastics, Inc. a recycling company which he sold in 2003 because of additional cancer issues. This donation is a “Thank You” to UT Arlington for an education that enabled Roy to be a successful businessman.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe your leadership in extracurricular activities and/or work experience. Did you receive any awards? How did your leadership make an impact on a person, process, procedure, etc.?
  2. Describe your involvement in voluneerism or community service. What is the name of the organization or project? Why did you become involved and during what time frame?
  3. Describe special circumstances affecting your family’s ability to fund your college expenses (response required):
  4. Submit two Letters of Recommendation
    • Letter #1
    • Letter #2
  5. Please upload a recent Resume/Vita