John Dycus and Shorthorn Scholarship Fund (Calvin Pyle Award)

The Calvin Pyle Award, funded through the John Dycus and Shorthorn Scholarship Endowment, recognizes a current Shorthorn staff member for demonstrated excellence in advertising in his or her work for The Shorthorn. The award is named for Calvin Pyle, who used his experience in newspapers to train The Shorthorn student staff in advertising sales, design and promotion before the Communication Department began offering advertising courses.

A complete application for the Calvin Pyle Award must include:

1. The completed electronic application via MavScholarShop.
2. A well-focused, one- to two-page letter addressed to the Scholarship Committee (typed or computer-generated, single-spaced) explaining the student’s contributions to The Shorthorn this semester, what you hope to achieve in the student’s career and how the student’s work in Student Publications has helped you toward that goal. The letter is also a good place to provide a brief explanation and examples of how the student’s work this semester reflected and contributed to The Shorthorn’s digital-first publication strategy. This statement or letter must include information about the student’s career plans.
3. The student’s resume (one page)
4. A one-page report on your success as a Shorthorn salesperson this semester. Should include major accounts, new accounts, packages sold, and other details that demonstrates your commitment to the work.

Selection for all Student Publications scholarships and awards is based on the following:

1. The student’s contributions this semester to The Shorthorn/ Quality and quantity, initiative and timeliness of the student’s work will be among the criteria used in evaluating the student’s achievements in the student’s position this semester. Only work published in The Shorthorn (including this semester will be considered.

2. The student’s motivation and determination to succeed: positive attitude and approach to the student’s Shorthorn/Student Publications position and to The Shorthorn and Student Publications, a demonstrated willingness to go the extra mile and exceed minimums expected, ability to work as part of a team, dependability, etc.

3. The student’s academic accomplishment. All scholarship and award recipients must be in good academic standing with the university, currently be enrolled for at least six semester hours at UTA (unless fewer than that are needed for graduation at the end of this semester) and be making steady progress toward a degree.

4. The student’s career plans. Intent to pursue a career in journalism or a field related to the award being presented will be considered a plus (though not a requirement) for consideration for all other scholarships and awards.

Basic requirements for all scholarships and awards include the following:
• You must be in compliance with all requirements for working at The Shorthorn and in Student Publications.
• You must be in good academic standing with the university and be eligible to receive a scholarship.
• You must have held a staff position this semester that reflects the work being recognized in the scholarship or award.
• Priority consideration will be given to applicants who have been on staff the whole semester.
• You may apply for more than one scholarship or award, but no student may receive more than one Student Publications end-of-semester scholarship or award in any single semester.
• Selection committee members have the option of not awarding any scholarship or award if they conclude performance in that area has not met the level of accomplishment that these scholarships and awards are intended to recognize. Quality of work samples submitted with applications will be a major factor in deciding whether a scholarship or award will be awarded this semester.

A recipient will forfeit the full amount of any scholarship or award if:
• He or she fails to earn a minimum of 6 credit hours at UTA this semester unless the student completed a degree this semester and needed fewer than 6 credit hours to do so.
• He or she is not in good academic standing with the university after grades for this semester are posted.

Student Affairs - Student Publications
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your current position at the Shorthorn?
  2. The applicant is required to provide two letters of recommendation from persons who can provide information about his/her leadership potential; avoid using instructors that have known you for less than a year. The recommender can be supervisors of past or present jobs, mentors, coaches, scout leaders, or adult leaders of organizations. Professors or teacher are acceptable, but they need to know you well.
  3. When did you begin working at The Shorthorn (semester and year)?
  4. How many semesters have you been on The Shorthon staff?
  5. When is your anticipated graduation date (semester and year)?
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