College of Business/Ray M. Ayres Scholarship in Entrepreneurship and Small Business

College of Business – Management The Ray Ayres Scholarship in Entrepreneurship and Small Business was established in honor of Professor Ray M. Ayres, who taught Entrepreneurship for many years in the Management Department. The scholarship is awarded to College of Business students with a strong interest in entrepreneurship and small business, as evidenced by coursework, career experience, or in other appropriate ways. Eligibility is limited to upper division undergraduate students (juniors and seniors) and graduate students, and is based on scholastic attainment, taking their entire scholastic history into consideration. Applicants are required to submit a 250 word (minimum) essay explaining why they should be considered for the scholarship and the nature of their interests in Entrepreneurship and Small Business.

$500 awards. 4 awards available. Awards are granted as applications are submitted.
College of Business - Management - Entrepreneur
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide an essay (250 words minimum) on the following topic: "Why I should receive the Ray M. Ayres Scholarship in Entrepreneurship and Small Business"
  2. Optional Letter of Support from Instructor
  3. Please upload a recent Resume/Vita
  4. What are your career interests?
  5. Guidelines and Criteria includes: Preference given to full-time students (enrolled for at least 12 credit hours), students with a strong interest in entrepreneursand business. The interest may be evidenced by course work, career experience or other relevant ways. The Scholarship is limited to juniors, seniors and graduate students. Preference will be given to scholastic attainment but in consideration of the entire scholastic history, rather than a simple grade point average.
    • I have acknowledged that the application submitted for the Ray M. Ayres Scholarship is true and correct.
    • I have read and understand the above criteria
    • I understand that if I enroll for less than 12 semester hours of credit, I will no longer be eligible for the Ray M. Ayres Scholarship.
    • I will use the proceeds of this scholarship for payment of tuition, university required fees and instructional equipment, material and books.