Mentor of the Year Scholarship

The Maverick Mentors program is only made successful through the dedication of our student mentors and the great relationships they build. Each year, Maverick Mentors thanks our mentors through our Mentor of the Year Scholarship available to mentors involved in the program who have shown qualities of exemplary mentorship. Mentees are asked to nominate their mentors by filling out the nomination form available in the spring semester. Once a mentor has been nominated we will contact them and request they continue the application process.

Student Affairs - Leadership Center
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit one letter of recommendation from an educator, mentor, supervisor, and/or community leader who can attest to the candidate’s leadership abilities and involvement in leadership related activities. You can upload the document here or email the department email
  2. Are you a current mentor in the Maverick Mentors Program?
  3. Write an essay describing your experience as a mentor. What did you learn? How did your philosophy on mentorship develop while in the program? How will you continue to be a mentor to others in and outside of the Maverick Mentors Program?
  4. Have you ever been a part of a mentoring program aside from Maverick Mentors? If so, please describe.