John Berry Rogers Endowed Scholarship Fund

Division of Student Affairs – Student Organizations To be eligible, applicants must be current students in good standing at UTA, planning to re-enroll at UTA for at least one semester, a student leader involved in student affairs’ groups and/or a registered student organization, and must demonstrate dedicated and spirited involvement.
Applicant must also meet the following criteria: maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5; provide two letters of recommendation by a UTA faculty or staff member; hold a leadership role in a student affairs’ group and/or a registered student organization; preferred but not mandatory, involvement in UTA Ambassadors and/or other registered organizations categorized as academic associations or specials interest within the Division of Student Affairs. Recipient may apply for renewal for up to 3 years.

Student Affairs - Student Governance and Organizations
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a current member of the UTA Ambassadors?
  2. Do you hold a leadership role in a Student Affairs group and/or other registered student organization?
  3. Please list the student organizations to which you belong.
  4. Please provide a letter of recommendation from a UTA faculty or staff member.
  5. Please provide a second letter of recommendation from a UTA faculty or staff member.
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