Mary Jean MacKenzie Memorial Presidential Scholarship

College of Nursing Conditional Application – The Mary Jean MacKenzie Memorial Presidential Scholarship shall be used for the benefit of the College of Nursing. Scholarships provide support to full and part-time students who are pursuing a Bachelors of Science or Masters of Science degree in the School of Nursing, with special consideration given to students interested in a career in oncological nursing. Scholarship recipients may reapply for one subsequent year provided they remain in good standing at the University. Reapplying students will be given priority over new applicants. No student shall hold this scholarship for more than two years.

1. full or part-time students pursuing either a B.S.N. or M.S.N. degree;
2. have completed at least one semester of coursework and maintained a minimum
nursing G.P.A. of3.0;
3. provide a statement of 500 words or less which addresses the student’s interest in nursing and pursuing a career in oncological nursing; and
4. students can demonstrate financial need.

College of Nursing