Howard H. Meyers Endowed Scholarship

College of Education – General Scholarships Scholarships to deserving graduate students pursuing a Masters degree in Counselor Education at UTA. Until such time as the Masters degree in Counselor Education is available at UTA, distributions from the endowment may be used for students pursuing a masters degree in Early Childhood Education or any other College of Education degree program that would lead to a career in school counseling. A narrative detailing involvement in scholastic and community service organizations and a paragraph describing financial need are required.

Unconditionally admitted to the Master of Education in Teaching program of Elementary Education in the College of Education.
Currently enrolled in one or more courses offered through the College of Education.
Minimum GPA of 3.4 both overall and in declared major at UT Arlington.
Evidence of plan to pursue a career in counseling.

College of Education - General Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a graduate student?
  2. Optional Letter of Support from Instructor
  3. Please compose a narrative of 500-700 words that describes your leadership experience (service in scholastic and other organizations), your commitment to academic excellence, and why you want to pursue a career in education. Please upload your essay in the space provided.
  4. Please provide a brief paragraph explaining your financial need.