George Wolfkskill Memorial Scholarship (M.A. and Ph.D.)

The Wolfskill Award was established in 1991 to recognize graduate student academic excellence and to honor the career of the late Professor George Wolfskill. Dr. Wolfskill was a prolific scholar and popular teacher who served UTA in many capacities from 1955 until his death in 1987. For many years he was invaluable as the department’s graduate advisor. The Wolfskill Award is presented annually at the Walter Prescott Webb Lectures in two categories: to the masters graduate student whose overall performance, grades and written work, symbolize the excellence that Dr. Wolfskill encouraged in all his graduate students and to the Ph.D. student whose completed dissertation is deemed to be an outstanding achievement of scholarship, measuring up to the level of performance Dr. Wolfskill expected of UTA students. At the present time, the amount of the awards are $500 for the M.A. level and $750 for the Ph.D.

Nominations for the M.A. level award must include one or more letters of recommendation and a writing sample. Nominations for the Ph.D. award will include letter(s) of support from the dissertation supervisor or committee members and an electronic copy of the dissertation.

$500 for M.A.; $750 for Ph.D.
College of Liberal Arts - History
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit one letter of recommendation from an educator, mentor, supervisor, and/or community leader who can attest to the candidate’s leadership abilities and involvement in leadership related activities. You can upload the document here or email the department email
  2. Please submit an example of your written work (M.A. level award) or your Ph.D. Dissertation (Ph.D. level award)