Dr. Franklyn Alexander Endowed Fellowship for Biomedical Engineering

College of Engineering – Bioengineering The Dr. Franklyn Alexander Endowed Fellowship for Biomedical Engineering has been made possible by a generous gift by Dr. Franklyn Alexander. This scholarship supports students who pursue a Ph.D. in Bioengineering. (Preference are for those who plan to stay and work in the U.S upon graduation.

College of Engineering - Bioengineering
Supplemental Questions
  1. Name
  2. Mav ID #
  3. First Enrollment Semester:
  4. Are you currently supported at UTA, if so, How?
  5. Have you completed at least 12 (9 for graduate students) semester hours of BioEngineering course?
  6. What is your GRE quantitative score?
  7. Verbal Score?
  8. TOEFL Score
  9. GPA
  10. Please list professors you are interested in doing a rotation in their lab:
  11. Please write an essay about your career aspiration or the research you would like to complete while attending UTA
  12. Please describe the current research you have conducted in your Undergraduate and masters studies
  13. In 200 words or less please tell us why you should be considered for this Scholarship
  14. It is a professional expectation to write a thank you letter (TYPED LETTERS ONLY). Address the letter to the donor and upload it here. If no donor was listed, address the letter to [Donor of (name of scholarship)]. AND EMAIL A COPY OF THE LETTER TO nursingscholarships@uta.edu.
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