College of Business/Facilitated Admissions Scholarship

The College of Business Facilitated Admission Scholarship provides up to $2,000 to selected students enrolled in a College of Business master’s program through Facilitated Admission, starting in Spring 2024 or later. Fifty percent of the scholarship is disbursed in the first long semester of enrollment and the reminder in the second long semester of enrollment. To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be pursuing a Business Masters degree.
  • Must apply in their first semester of graduate work;
  • Must be enrolled in at least 9 credit hours in each the first and second long semesters;
  • Maintain good academic standing.

Up to $2,000
College of Business - Dean
Supplemental Questions
  1. Were you a First Generation college student?
  2. Do you plan to enroll full time (9 hours) as a graduate student?
  3. Please list all scholarship offers that you have received.
  4. Please list any additional scholarships that you have applied for.
  5. Describe how this scholarship will be a benefit to you pursuing your educational goals and any special circumstances impacting your ability to cover educational expenses. (max 300 words)
  6. What are some of your life goals and objectives? Please include your career goals and objectives. (max 300 words)
  7. Please upload a recent Resume/Vita
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