Truman D. Black Endowed Scholarship in Physics

College of Science – Physics The Truman D. Black Endowed Scholarship in Physics shall be used for the Department of Physics to provide scholarship awards to deserving students.

College of Science - Physics
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit one letter of recommendation from an educator, mentor, supervisor, and/or community leader who can attest to the candidate’s leadership abilities and involvement in leadership related activities. You can upload the document here or email the department email
  2. Have you passed the comprehensive exam? (Graduate Student only)
  3. Have you presented any research at a conference and or workshop( in-state or out of state)? If yes please list list full title and author list and please indicate wheather it was a talk or a poster. If you are a graduate student please disinguish between undergrad and graduate presentations.
  4. Are you doing any research in Physics? If yes with whom and what is your research topic.
  5. Do you volunteer in the Physics department and or the College of Science? If yes please explain.
  6. Have you passed ALL the qualifier exams? (Graduate students only)
  7. Do you have any refereed journal/ conference publications? If yes please list with full citation.
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