Pat Brandenburg Endowed Scholarship in Latino Studies in the College of Liberal Arts

Pat Brandenburg Endowed Scholarship – Funds distributed shall be used to provide scholarship awards to students who are majoring in fields that relate to Latino,Mexican-American, or Latin American Studies through the College of Liberal Arts or are studying in the non-degree program sponsored by the Center for Mexican American Studies. Preference will be given to students who are pursuing a minor in Mexican-American Studies through CMAS.

College of Liberal Arts - Center for Mexican American Studies - CMAS
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit a two-page typed statement in which you describe how your university course of study in the College of Liberal Arts prepares you for further education and/or a career focusing on Latinos in the U.S. or Latin American Studies (ex: post-baccalaureate degree in these areas; direct entry into career in these areas). Your statement should also include any work you have already done in service to the Latino community in the US or abroad (ex. Volunteer work; internships through Service Learning classes, teaching, etc.) Include name, mailing address, phone number, UTA e-mail address
  2. Would you be taking 9 hours or more of coursework in the College of Liberal Arts next Fall semester?