Beta Gamma Sigma Officer Scholarship

Beta Gamma Sigma
Beta Gamma Sigma is an honor society dedicated to principles and ideals essential to a worthy life as well as a commendable business career. These principles are represented by Beta (honor), Gamma (wisdom), and Sigma (earnestness). The Mission of Beta Gamma Sigma is to encourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business, to foster personal and professional excellence, to advance the values of the society, and to serve its lifelong members.

Scholarships are available for student members selected to serve as an officer of Beta Gamma Sigma, UTA Chapter. The available positions for the Fall 2024 semester are (1) Community Outreach Officer and (2) Fundraiser and Alumni Relations Officer. For their service to the honor society, officers will be awarded $2,500/year (to be paid incrementally of $1,250 each semester upon meeting re-eligibility requirements). This scholarship is open to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.

Open Officer Positions 2024-25

General Officer Responsibilities (all positions):

  • Minimum 85% attendance to overall semester events
  • 100% Advisory Board Meeting attendance, unless valid reasons (Work, Medical, etc.)
  • Timely communication, respond to emails within 2-3 days
  • Meets expectations of appropriate officer roles listed below
  • Provides support to other officers as well as all BGS members
  • Engages in member recruiting practices
  • Contributes ideas and opinions to all meetings
  • Strong focus on long term growth of organization
  • Maintains a positive image of Beta Gamma Sigma

Detailed Officer Job Responsibilities

Community Outreach Officer

  • Schedule and organize socials, mixers, and meet and greet sessions. Minimum of one event per month. Meet and Greet for potential new members prior to induction.
  • Research, select, and schedule speakers for all member meetings.
  • Responsible for coordinating volunteer events and communicating with various volunteer sites throughout the community.
  • Work in conjunction with global BGS chapters in coordinating events and mixers, targeting one global meeting per semester. (High priority)
  • Reach out to the Shorthorn and other local news outlets for publicity features: newspaper articles, segments, etc. (Minimum 1 article per semester; high priority)

Fundraiser and Alumni Relations Officer

  • Organize events that help connect students with alumni (both university and BGS alumni) and business leaders. Goal is to integrate alumni and business leaders into events
  • Assist the Community Outreach Officer to research, select, and schedule speakers for all member meetings.
  • Accountable for inviting alumni to relevant BGS events
  • Help chapter assistant with BGS highest honors application by writing what the BGS chapter has done to help the relationship between students and alumni (High priority)
  • Assist chapter advisor in identifying speakers for the induction ceremony
  • Responsible for maintaining the relationship between UTA BGS chapter and DFW BGS alumni chapter. Stay up to date with alumni events, sharing this info with the chapter as well as attending each event (if unable find replacement)
  • Responsible for finding and nominating individuals for the business achievement/entrepreneurial achievement award, present business leaders with a chapter honoree award (high priority)

Scholarship Continuation Requirements
Beta Gamma Sigma scholarships are designed to provide financial support to deserving BGS members who have demonstrated not only academic excellence but commit to active participation and support of the chapter. Scholarship awards are split between the Fall and Spring semester, distributing half the amount of the full scholarship at the start of each semester. Students selected to receive a scholarship must maintain a certain level of involvement with the chapter in order to continue receiving the scholarship. Those that fail to meet the minimum requirements at the end of the semester will risk losing the remainder amount of his or her scholarship. Details of the requirements needed to maintain the awarded scholarship can be found below:
• Minimum 85% participation Rate at all at the end of each semester, and 100% participation in Advisory Board Meetings (unless valid reasons exist for absence such as work, health, etc.)
• Must significantly meet responsibilities listed in the position details page for the given position
• Leadership contribution toward helping plan and execute the Annual Charity Dinner
• Proof of Completion of the Beta Gamma Sigma Ethical Leadership Certificate. Any registration fee associated with the Ethical Leadership Certificate is eligible for reimbursement upon completion. Please reach out to the current student Vice President for more details regarding reimbursement. To learn more about the certification and register for the course, please go to

College of Business - Dean
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a member of Beta Gamma Sigma?
  2. Two or three paragraphs explaining what position you would like to apply for and why he or she believes they are fit for that role. The paragraph should include specific ideas of how the applicant plans to contribute and help improve the chapter as well as provide examples of achievement of past goals, and an explanation of how this scholarship can help the applicant achieve more goals.
  3. Two to four paragraphs explaining what each principle of Beta Gamma Sigma (honor, wisdom, and earnestness) mean to you. Be specific and be sure to identify each principle.
  4. One or two paragraphs explaining how the membership influences you, and how it could advance your career.
  5. Please upload a professional resume. It should include the expected year of graduation, major, and current GPA.
  6. Submit the name and email addresses of two (2) references who will provide a recommendation letter. The letters can be current or present employers, mentors, teachers, coaches, scout leaders, or adult leaders of organizations.
  7. Submit the name and email addresses of two (2) references who will provide a recommendation letter. The letters can be current or present employers, mentors, teachers, coaches, scout leaders, or adult leaders of organizations.
  8. Please list your participation rate. Minimum 70% participation rate at time of application review. To obtain your participation status, please reach out to the current student Vice President of BGS, Mira McCoy, at Recently inducted members are welcome to apply and will be evaluated after their first semester for renewal.
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