Alan and Bonnie Petsche Award for Honors Study Abroad

Thanks to a generous endowment established by Alan Petsche and Bonnie Smith Petsche, the Honors College is pleased to offer a scholarship to support project-based independent research abroad during the 2024 summer semester. One award will be made in the summer in the amount of up to $3,500 to an Honors student who seeks to enhance his/her undergraduate academic experience by traveling abroad.

The Petsche Scholarship may not be applied to commercial tours or organized study abroad programs (whether or not they award credit, and whether they are sponsored by UT Arlington or other academic institutions or organizations). Instead, applicants will submit proposals describing their custom-designed research projects. Visits for the purpose of carrying out research in museums, libraries, archives, laboratories, and other institutions abroad during summer 2024 will be considered for funding. The awardee will be obliged to submit a report upon his/her return describing the experience, goals met and unmet, and further plans (if any) related to the project.

Eligibility: Full-time active Honors students who are making sufficient progress toward their Honors degree (generally, this equates to at least 6 hours per academic year); will be juniors or seniors in the academic year of the proposed travel. Funds will be disbursed to student accounts in late spring 2024. Travel must take place during the summer semester, typically between May 15 and August 15, 2024. This scholarship is not renewable. Applicants who do not meet the criteria will not be considered.

up to $3,500
Honors College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a proposal for your project. Proposals should include the following components (supporting materials should be included as pertinent): Personal information (full name and student ID number; academic major; official UT Arlington academic transcript; current mailing address and telephone number; MavMail email address). Narrative summary of your project, including anticipated results. Your preparation and qualifications to carry out the project. Justification for international travel (i.e., why can what you seek to learn only or best be done abroad?). Departure and return dates and schedule of activities. Budget (total anticipated cost, including airfare, lodging, meals, and any necessary materials or services). Rationale with respect to your degree plan and/or subsequent academic or professional goals (i.e., how will this trip advance your education or career?). In some cases, documentation assuring the feasibility of your project may be required before funds are released.
  2. A letter of endorsement of your project by a UT Arlington faculty member qualified to evaluate it is needed to complete this application. Please provide the name and email of the faculty member and we will reach out to them to request the letter of endorsement.