Toni Hillenbrand Memorial Scholarship

The Toni Hillenbrand Memorial Scholarship is established through a gift from Steve and Pam Hillenbrand. The scholarship honors Toni Hillenbrand who practiced nursing in Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Toni held many different nursing positions over the years and retired as a clinical supervisor at Milwaukee County Medical Complex in 1990. Toni enjoyed mentoring nursing graduates who were just starting their careers with all her knowledge and experience. Toni was a compassionate facilitator and instructor who treated patients and staff the same way she would like to be treated.


  • Full-time undergraduate nursing students
  • Minimum GPA of 3.5.
  • Two letters of recommendation (It is your responsibility to ensure both letters were submitted before this application closes. If not submitted your application will not be considered.)
  • 300 word minimum essay detailing involvement in academics and community service organizations.

This scholarship is non-renewable.

Note: All scholarship offer notifications will be sent via your UTA email account ONLY. Please check it frequently. Scholarships are not awarded in the summer. Applications submitted during the Spring are awarded in the Fall and applications submitted in the Fall are awarded in the Spring. After submitting your application, please confirm application was submitted. Only completed applications will be considered.

Additional questions or concerns, email

College of Nursing
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a name and email address of one of your professors (or other non-family member) you would like to invite to provide a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Please be aware that the letter of recommendation must be printed on letterhead, signed, scanned and submitted in PDF format only.
  2. Please provide a second name and email address of a past or present professor (or other non-family associate) within the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. Be sure to notify them they will receive an email requesting a letter of recommendation and ask that they provide it prior to the scholarship deadline. Letter must be printed on letterhead, signed, scanned and submitted in PDF format only.
  3. What do you believe are the characteristics of an exceptional nurse? Please be very specific in your response.
  4. What are the biggest challenges facing the nursing profession? Please be very specific in your response.
  5. Are you a member of a student nursing organization? Please select all that apply.
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