National Hispanic Nurses Association (NAHN) Annual Conference Award

A scholarship to attend as a nursing student representative of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation to the 47th NAHN ( National Association of Hispanic Nurses) Annual Conference from July 12-15, 2022 in Miami. The award covers travel (airfare and transportation to/from hotel), hotel room, and conference registration fee. Maximum scholarship amount is $1500.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be an active, current member of the Hispanic Student Nursing Association (HSNA) at UT Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE NOT A HSNA MEMBER.

Selection of the recipient will be based on application review; however, an interview may be held with a student if additional information is needed.
The recipient of the award will be required to:

  • Meet with Mr. Chris Briles (Accounting Clerk III) and Mrs. Ethelina Harris and/or Dr. Ceil Flores via Microsoft TEAMS to discuss registration/reimbursement procedures and establish a date for submission of receipts.
  • Prepare a presentation for a Fall 2022 HSNA meeting, incorporating information and pictures from the conference.
  • Prepare a brief report (no more than one page) to be sent to all faculty during Hispanic Heritage Month. The report will need to address the following: highlights of the experience, what activities were the most valuable, and the impact that this opportunity will have on his/her professional nursing role. The report will be submitted to the Director of the Center for Hispanic Studies in Nursing and Health and will be due by Sept. 1st.

Note: All scholarship offer notifications will be sent via your UTA email account ONLY. Please check it frequently. Scholarships are not awarded in the summer. Applications submitted during the Spring are awarded in the Fall and applications submitted in the Fall are awarded in the Spring. After submitting your application, please confirm application was submitted. Only completed applications will be considered.

Additional questions or concerns, email

College of Nursing
Supplemental Questions
  1. What BSN program level are you this semester?
  2. Are you a member of the Hispanic Student Nursing Association (HSNA)? If you are not a member, do not apply. You must be a member of HSNA.
  3. Upload length of membership documentation here.
  4. How many service hours have you completed with HSNA within the last 12 months? This will be verified. (Only numbers allowed in response. No other characters.)
  5. List any officer position(s) you currently hold in HSNA (Example: President, committee chair, coordinator, etc). If none, please type "No officer positions held".
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