2018-2019 First Year Leader Award

Students must be nominated by a UT Arlington faculty/ staff person and must have received communication from the Follett Student Leadership Center to apply for this scholarship. A student must be actively involved in at least one organization and have assumed a leadership role or responsibilities in some capacity within the organization while maintaining a minimum G.P.A. of 2.25.
Applicant must be a first-time nominee and classified as a freshman/ first year student having begun their first year at UTA in the summer/fall 2018.

Student Affairs - Leadership Center
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please share how your leadership involvement this year has impacted your philosophy or view of leadership, as well as your approach to it.
  2. Please discuss how you have empowered others to lead on campus. Give examples.
  3. Please enter the name and email of a professional reference provider.
  4. Oustanding Student Leader Award Leadership Chart- please upload your completed Leadership Chart
  5. If selected for this award, I agree to send an appreciation letter to the benefactors of this scholarship.
  6. Parent/Guardian Address
  7. Parent/Guardian Email Address
  8. Parent/Guardian Phone Number
  9. How many hours are you currently taking?
  10. What is the number of semesters you have been enrolled at UTA?
  11. Are you employed? How many hours do you work weekly?
  12. Are you related to any member of the U. T. System Board of Regents?
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